Our Mission

To see ourselves as heralds of God’s love and to serve those in need. Worship and service are at the heart of the mission. We work to fulfill this mission by organizing events that collect and distribute food, clothing, school supplies, holiday gifts and limited financial contributions to assist those in immediate need.

  • Food Drive weekend-  3rd weekend of each month: We will donate our collections to both the Hereford Food Bank and Pine Grove Food Bank. Please check all donations for expiration dates and tampered packaging. Regardless of the Food Drive Monthly Themes, any non-perishable food or hygiene items are always appreciated. Contact: Kate Hartig,  katethartig@gmail.com
  • OUR DAILY BREAD – 5th Sunday of the Month: Prepare the easy “Zippy Beef” casserole (aluminum pan and recipe provided). Casseroles are returned, FROZEN, on 5th Sunday of the month between the hours of 8:15am and 8:45am in the church parking lot. Contact: Joann Weber, joanncweb@gmail.com
  • PASTORAL CARE: Our parish gladly ministers to the hospitalized and homebound parishioners through visits and Communion calls by a priest, Pastoral Care Minister, or Eucharistic Minister. Please inform us when family members require ministry. Also, any sick friends or relatives can be added to the General Intercessions to be prayed for at our weekend liturgies. Contact:  Jacki Holecek, mholecek@comcast.net
  • OUTREACH VOLUNTEERS:  Everyone is welcome and we appreciate your help. Interested, let us know! Contact: Elaine Hagner, grand3975@gmail.com.