Pastoral Council


Our Purpose:

To invigorate the parish through implementation of ideas developed from “A Light Brightly Visible”, including:

  • Step One – Identifying areas that could be impacted by enacting these ideas
  • Step Two – Identifying ministers welcoming the implementation of these ideas (current step)
  • Step Three – Implementing these ideas in the various identified area.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except during the summer.


Rev. Msgr. James Hannon, Pastor

John Phelps, Chair

Ed Schmaus, Council Member

Bette Hobner, OLG Pre-School Representative

Jean Hessenauer, Council Member

Elaine Borrison

Jerry Reynolds, Council Member and Secretary

Coleen Morgan

Barb Edwards, Council Member

Bill Edwards, Council Member

Deacon Jim Prosser

Cathy Melian

Here is the full booklet of A Light Brightly Visible for more information on our inspirational Source.