Faith Formation

We believe that the family is the primary community in which faith is shared and nurtured. The whole Church community, beginning at the parish level, puts itself at the service of the family to help form young Catholics. Formal faith formation in the parish is intended to support the family and the Church community in this mission.

Adult Faith Formation

RCIA is a weekly program for those adults who want to better understand the Catholic faith, with the goal, if they choose, of becoming fully initiated members. So, it is perfect for those who were never baptized, are curious about Catholicism, and more.

Preschool-5th Grade

Children in Pre-K to Grade 5 are placed in our Elementary Faith Formation program that meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:45am in the school building.

Grades 6-8

We pride ourselves on our Middle School program, EDGE, which meets on Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm. We understand and appreciate the fact that middle schoolers need a little more...a little more time with friends, a little more time to ask questions, a little more freedom to explore their faith.

Grades 9-12

Our high school years are focused on preparing our young people’s hearts for the Sacrament of Confirmation by teaching them through liturgy, words, experiences, and actions what it is to be a disciple in the community.