First Reconciliation

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is a very exciting time for families. We hope to make this an enriching and engaging experience which encourages a lifelong relationship with Jesus and his church.  Usually this takes place in the child’s 2nd grade year. Children are to be active participants in Faith Formation the year prior and the year concurrent with these sacraments at either their parish or school. 

In addition to Faith Formation there is a separate program to prepare them for the sacraments. This program includes a parent meeting, workshops, retreat and at home study. Most of the preparation will be done at home. This year we are using an interactive program that is available on-line. Once enrolled in the program a schedule will be provided. We look forward to helping your child prepare to receive these most precious gifts.

First Reconciliation

The earliest time allotted for First Sacraments is age 7, usually grade 2; however, First Sacraments can happen at any time in a child’s life (over the age of 7). Our Parish preparation for the reception of these sacraments begins at home. It is expected that children who will be receiving these sacraments will also be enrolled in either Faith Formation classes or a Catholic school. Reconciliation preparation begins in the Fall and Eucharist in the early Spring. There will be an informational parent meeting for these sacraments. Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God forgives us our sins through the office of the priesthood and restores that relationship. Because we are united as the Body of Christ, our sins along with our good deeds effect the whole community. We thus seek forgiveness from God and the community. This is done through the office of the ministerial priesthood. In this Sacrament, it is Christ who forgives. The priest is acting “in the person of Christ.” This action is proper only to the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The effects of the Sacrament are:
  • Reconciles us with God.
  • Reconciles us with the Church because we belong to the Mystical Body.
  • Anticipates the judgment at the end of our earthly life.
  • Remission of eternal punishment of mortal sins.
  • Remission of some of the temporal punishment brought about by sin.
  • Consolation
  • Increase of strength for the spiritual battle
The Eucharist is substantially the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. By receiving the Eucharist, the Christian enters and remains in the New Covenant of salvation established by Christ.

Reconciliation and Eucharist preparation

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